Driver caught speeding EIGHT times on M275 says: ‘I was just trying to get home quickly’

Melissa Ward
Melissa Ward
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A SPEEDING driver caught breaking the speed limit on the M275 eight times in just four months told magistrates she ‘was just trying to get home quickly’.

Melissa Ward was caught on the average speed cameras on the motorway on her journeys to and from work in Portsmouth.

Now the 20-year-old has been banned from the roads for six months.

Ward appeared at Fareham Magistrates’ Court charged with nine counts of speeding, one count of driving with no insurance and six counts of failing to give information relating to a driver.

She committed the speeding offences between March 15 and June 26, eight on the M275 in Portsmouth and one on Western Way, Fareham.

Prosecuting Colin Shackel told the court the most serious offence was committed on May 23 on the northbound M275 near the roadworks, when she had been caught travelling at 53mph in a 40mph zone.

He also said that on one day, June 24, she had been caught at 7pm travelling at 49mph in the 40mph limit on the southbound M275, and then on the same day had been caught at 10.15pm travelling northbound on the same road at 51mph.

Mr Shackel said that Ward was stopped by police on Alec Rose Lane, where they checked her documents and found she had no insurance.

Defending herself, Ward, of West Street, Fareham, said: ‘There’s not a lot to tell. I had quite a lot of shifts at work. 
‘Half of them I was trying to get home from. I had been taking tablets and they made me sleepy so I was trying to get home quickly.

‘I only recently found out what the average speed cameras were there for.’

Chairman of the magistrates Roger Price said: ‘So you did not realise they were measuring from one end to the other?’

Mr Price fined her £100 for the most serious offence, and £100 for the other offences, with a £20 victim surcharge, totalling £220. He banned her from driving for six months.

He said: ‘For the other speeding matters there is no separate penalty.

‘The only reason is that based on the information you have provided you state you are on a low income. If you had been in a different situation there it could have been extremely different.’

He warned her not to drive again until she had the licence back from the DVLA and of the dangers of totting up extra points, which could lead to another ban.

Mr Price said: ‘You need to make sure you understand the rules of driving and what speed cameras are there for.’