Drivers admit using their phones illegally

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DRIVERS have admitted using their phones despite knowing it is a crime to do so.

A survey commissioned by Jefferies Solicitors found 91 per cent of people in the south east knew it was illegal.

But 21 per cent keep their phone somewhere accessible and 57 per cent leave it in their pocket or handbag.

Only 10 per cent keep it out of reach – while 92 per cent of people want zero tolerance.

The firm’s managing director Michael Jefferies said: ‘It’s worrying to see that people continue to take risks, despite being aware that using their mobile phone while driving is illegal.

‘We see a large number of motoring offence claims involving serious injuries or fatalities – and more recently, mobile phone use is investigated following a collision to determine the cause.

‘These types of accidents can easily be avoided if drivers only use their phones when it’s safe to do so.’