Drivers pulled over by police and breathalysed in post-Christmas crackdown

PC Simon Smith carrying out a speed enforcement operation in Southwood Road, Hayling Island' Picture: Jeff Travis
PC Simon Smith carrying out a speed enforcement operation in Southwood Road, Hayling Island' Picture: Jeff Travis
  • The News joins police to see operation in action
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SPEEDING drivers were pulled over by police and breathalysed as part of an annual crackdown.

The News joined local neighbourhood officers in Hayling Island as they carried out roadside speed checks and tested drivers for drink or drug-driving.

The scheme is part of Hampshire police’s Operation Holly – with officers carrying out similar operations across the Portsmouth area.

Within five minutes of police doing a speed gun check at Southwood Road, Eastoke, a motorist was pulled over for driving at 37mph in a 30mph zone.

The driver, a woman in her 50s, was pulled over by PC Simon Smith, who was using the speed gun.

The woman accepted to go on a £95 driving speed awareness course. The alternative was to have a £100 fine and three points on her licence.

PC Sarah Reeves breathalysed her to see if any alcohol was in her system.

The woman said she had been drinking throughout the day before, but the reading was zero on the breathalyser.

The woman told The News: ‘It’s fine. I know I should not be speeding.’

PCSO Neil Roberts called through every driver’s registration number to PCSO Hamlyn Strawn, who checked on the national database to see if motorists had correct tax and insurance.

PC Reeves said Operation Holly was important and, in her experience, drivers got behind the wheel after drinking to go on short journeys.

‘People shouldn’t risk other people’s safety or their own safety for the sake of a short journey,’ she said.

‘You can walk, get a taxi, the bus or ask someone else to give you a lift. It’s not worth it.

‘We don’t want to be the person who knocks on the door and tells someone their relative has been involved in a crash.’

Since the start of the operation on December 1, three arrests for drink-driving have been made on Hayling, with one successful prosecution.

Across Hampshire there have been more than 85 arrests.

PC David Wedlake visited pubs to hand out children’s posters, which warn motorists not to drink and drive.

Barry Meech, who runs Lily Sugars in Creek Road, said: ‘I totally agree with it.

‘Nobody should drink and drive.’

Volunteers also carried out speed checks in Church Road. The police are looking for more volunteers to do community speedwatch.

Anyone interested can email