Drivers stopped as police carry out pre-Christmas blitz

Police are  conducting drink-drive tests as Christmas approaches
Police are conducting drink-drive tests as Christmas approaches
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POLICE clocked a motorist driving at more than double the 20mph speed limit on a city road in a blitz on drink-driving and road safety.

The car failed to stop at the scene in Park Road near Gunwharf Quays last night.

But officers were able to track the dodgy driver down in a pre-Christmas blitz as part of Hampshire Police’s ‘Don’t Get Smashed’ campaign to crack down on drink-drivers.

Officers using a mobile speed gun caught other motorists travelling at speeds of 37mph and 38mph in 20mph Park Road in last night’s pre-planned operation.

The teams were also on the look-out for speeding motorists in the 20mph Park Road leading from Gunwharf Quays to Anglesea Road.

And motorists were stopped for other traffic offences such as driving without lights on.

Police stopped cyclists without lights on their bikes to officer safety advice.

And workers from Portsmouth City Council’s taxi licensing department carried out in-depth safety checks on taxis pulled over for traffic offences, even using their powers to swab drivers’ mouths for traces of illegal drugs. Sergeant Wendie Douglas, said: ‘We are taking positive action against drink-drivers. We are working with our partners at Portsmouth City Council to ensure the safety of road users.’

Drivers caught committing traffic offences were told to head to an area in nearby Burnaby Road near Portsmouth Register Office where checks were conducted.

It comes as figures revealed 59 suspected drink-drivers were arrested between December 1 and 10.