Drivers targeted in police crackdown

One of the seven stolen signs from the Isle of Wight. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary

Warning over fears stolen vintage signs worth £1,400 could be sold in Portsmouth

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MORE than 160 drivers were arrested in a summer drink drive campaign.

Sussex Police officers conducted both high visibility and undercover operations to target drunk or drug drivers.

Overall, 4,229 drivers were breath tested and of these 161 were arrested.

In total 308 tests were following crashes, resulting in the arrest of 30 people. Twelve arrests were made between 6am and 10am.

Chief Inspector Di Roskilly from Sussex Police’s Road Policing Unit said: ‘In just one month, 161 [people] have been arrested and that is too many people who clearly blatantly disregard the law and are prepared to gamble with their lives and the lives of others. We will continue to focus our efforts on removing them from the roads of Sussex before they cause harm.

‘Aside from the social and financial aspects of a drink driving charge - loss of job, a substantial fine, the stigma of a criminal conviction, imprisonment - drunken drivers take lives and ruin others with devastating consequences for themselves, their families and the friends and families of their victims.’ Report offenders at or call 0845 6070999.