Drivers who dodge tests are punished

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DRINK drivers who think they can dodge justice by refusing to give a breath test are being caught out.

Roughly one in every dozen motorists arrested on suspicion of drink or drug driving will not allow the officer who stops them to test their breath.

Many then refuse to give a blood or urine sample at the police station.

But since January Sussex police has prosecuted 89 drivers who failed to provide a specimen.

The punishment can be up to six months in jail, fines of up to £5,000 and being banned from the roads.

Figures show women make up a larger proportion of those charged with failing to provide a specimen than the proportion of women arrested for any drink or drug driving offence.

One in four drivers who refused to give a sample were female – compared to less than one in five of those arrested overall for drink or drug driving crimes.

Chief Inspector Natalie Moloney, head of road policing, said: ‘Those who think refusing to comply with breath tests will keep them out of trouble soon find out they are wrong. Motorists have a simple choice: drink or drive.’