Drug addict threatens GP with kitchen knife

The hearing took place in Wales

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A DRUG addict threatened a doctor with a knife after she refused to write him a sick note so that he could keep claiming benefits.

Johnathan Drake lost his job seekers’ allowance because he failed to turn up for an interview.

The 27-year-old went to the Cosham Health Centre, in Vectis Way, Cosham, hoping to get a doctor’s note to excuse him for missing the appointment.

But when Dr Denise Milford refused to help him Drake lost his temper, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

He pulled out a knife and told the GP: ‘It’s you or me.’

He then held the knife to his throat and started running the blade back and forth.

Drake fled the health centre after Dr Milford hit an alarm button.

The police went to his home in Escur Close, Hilsea, and found Drake sitting on his sofa, still holding the knife to his neck.

Judge Roger Hetherington said: ‘This is an unusual case, although an alarming one.

‘You wished to obtain a sick note from your doctor. You were clearly disturbed at the time.

‘The doctor, quite rightly, was not going to simply give you a sick note because you wanted one and when she told you so you then produced a knife.

‘The whole business must have been alarming to the doctor and anyone else who was in the surgery.

‘This sort of behaviour puts intolerable pressure on the medical profession and represents the sort of threat that they shouldn’t have to deal with in their ordinary working lives.’

Drake pleaded guilty to possession of a knife in public and using threatening words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Nicholas Cotter, defending, said Drake had taken steps towards getting off drugs since the incident on January 12.

He said: ‘He broke down. He panicked because he couldn’t get his dole and because he couldn’t get his dole he couldn’t get his methadone script. He is trying to rid himself of drug addiction.’

Judge Hetherington handed Drake a 12-month community order. As part of the order he will have drug rehabilitation and 12 months of supervision from the probation service.