Drug dealer caught red-handed with crack and cannabis

Ian Lamb
Ian Lamb
Hampshire police and crime commissioner Michael Lane. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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WHEN DRUG dealer Ian Lamb set out his crack cocaine and cannabis in his conservatory he thought he couldn’t be safer.

Unfortunately for him, police on another operation looked over the fence and spotted his haul.

Now the 21-year-old has been jailed for three years at Portsmouth Crown Court.

The court heard an officer spotted Lamb in the conservatory of his North End Avenue, Portsmouth, home with a ‘large lump’ of crack cocaine, dividing cannabis into bags.

Another officer knocked on the front four and 26.4g of crack with a street value of £2,640 was seized.

Police also seized 11.6g of cannabis in 10 bags and £1,310 cash.

Howard Barrington-Clark, defending, said Lamb had developed a cocaine and ketamine habit and was trying to pay off a £1,700 drug debt by acting as a ‘runner’ for his dealer.

Mr Barrington-Clark said: ‘While he accepts bagging up the cocaine that was found, he was not responsible for bagging up the drugs.

‘Mr A, the dealer, would bring the cocaine or the crack to Lamb’s home address. Another man, Mr B, would arrive, hand over cash and take the drugs. That’s why A and B apparently never met.

‘Young Lamb is the conduit and was storing the drugs and the money. He was not selling individual deals in the street.’

Lamb admitted possessing crack cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply on June 17 last year. He was jailed for three years.

Judge Roger Hetherington, sentencing, said: ‘Plainly you were motivated by financial or other advantage and I have no doubt that you had some awareness of the scale of the operation, albeit that there was someone larger than you higher up the chain who would have supplied you, and to whom no doubt you owed a significant debt.

‘It is very easy for people in your position to make an assertion that they are simply warehousing a drug for someone else.’

An order was made for the cash, drugs and associated paraphernalia including scales and phones to be forfeited.