Drug dealer recruited thugs to punch user who owed a £100 debt

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  • Drug user owed £100 in cocaine debt
  • Dealer recruited two men as muscle to enforce debt
  • Victim left with broken jaw in attack
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A DEALER recruited two men to assault a drug user who owed him £100 for two grams of cocaine.

Justin Wells used Christopher Chadwick and Jonathan Nash as muscle to attack Peter Pringle in the garden of the Crown Inn in West Street, Fareham, as another man kept the victim there.

That’s just a warning, you’re lucky I was going to put a razor blade in between to prove a point

Jonathan Nash to the victim

Both Nash and Chadwick punched the man once before Nash said: ‘That’s just a warning, you’re lucky I was going to put a razor blade in between to prove a point.’

Roofer Wells told the victim: ‘You could have made plans to pay it.’

Prosecutor Paul Fairley Nash did not use violence but the pair had carried out the attack for him.

Mr Fairley said the man already in the pub with Mr Pringle texted Wells after the trio left saying ‘respect bruv’.

Wells then sent that message on to Chadwick.

During the sentencing hearing at Portsmouth Crown Court, defence barrister Adam Feest said Chadwick was on the legal high Spice.

Mr Feest said Chadwick had almost no recollection of the assault on Mr Pringle because he was on the drug.

Nash had also been taking Spice, defence barrister Stephen Smyth said.

The court heard Pringle went to hospital the day after the attack realising something was ‘seriously wrong’ with his lower jaw, Mr Fairley told the court.

Doctors needed to fit a metal plate to allow his jaw to heal, the court heard.

Prior to the attack two men had been seen shouting outside the victim’s home about him owing £100.

The court heard Chadwick has five previous convictions for nine offences.

Nash has 34 convictions for 53 offences and Wells has 13 convictions for 25 offences.

Judge Peter Dixon Crabtree handed Nash a 16-month prison sentence suspended for two years with eight sessions of employment training.

Chadwick was given a 19-month term suspended for two years with a thinking skills programme.

Wells received a two-year sentence suspended for two years with supervision and 20 session of a thinking skills programme.

All must pay £335 compensation each to Mr Pringle.

Nash, 27, Chadwick, 31, and Wells, 35, all of Prideaux Brune Avenue, Gosport, pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm on Mr Pringle on August 22 last year.

Investigating officer Detective Constable David Sheppard said: ‘The victim has been affected by what happened.

‘He has had an opportunity to take a look at his relationship to social drug use and see how they have affected him.

‘The consequences of the offenders’ actions have caused him amongst other things to have heightened state of anxiety when being out in public.’