Drunk trashed his parents’ house in horror robbery bid

Simon Lane
Simon Lane
  • Police heard him claim he would ‘go down in a blaze of glory’ in ruckus
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A MAN trashed his parents’ home after trying to rob his adoptive father with a shard of a broken glass and did not stop even when police tasered him.

Simon Lane had taken a cocktail of legal highs and alcohol when he went to their home in Jellicoe Avenue, Gosport on his birthday and demanded cash.

These won’t take me, I’ll go down in a blaze of glory, these won’t get me, I’ll get a couple before they get me

Simon Lane

When the 41-year-old’s dad did not have cash he barricaded himself in a room and trashed it.

Police overheard him on the phone saying: ‘These won’t take me, I’ll go down in a blaze of glory, these won’t get me. I’ll get a couple before they get me.’

Tammy Mears, prosecuting, said Lane had been given £40 by his father Paul Lane but returned to demand more.

‘He was abusive towards his adoptive parents saying it was a disgusting family, it didn’t support him, was horrible and that they didn’t care,’ she said.

‘The defendant’s father called the police and the police did attend. Having heard what was going on, the police told the defendant to leave the area and not to return for 24 hours. The police then left.

‘Very shortly thereafter the defendant returned to the address.

‘He was heard banging on the door and shouting at Mr Lane, who again called the police.

‘He didn’t open the door, there was a smash and the defendant appeared in the hallway holding a piece of broken glass. He was raising that towards Mr Lane, who was backing away.’

Lane demanded more cash but his dad did not have enough to satisfy him.

Ms Mears added: ‘He genuinely feared he would be hurt or killed and feared what would happen to his wife.

‘Mr Lane had already dialled the police and a recording of that call reveals that Mr Lane was told to hang up the phone.’

When police arrived an officer confronted Lane at the door.

As he ran towards the living room with the glass in his hand the officer feared he would injure his mother Margaret Lane so he tasered Lane – but it had no effect as it hit his puffer jacket.

‘Fortunately she was safe in the kitchen,’ Ms Mears added.

A two-hour stand-off followed with public order units and the force negotiation team trying to calm him down.

Police heard him throwing a bottle of alcohol and damaging the room before he eventually calmed down and was arrested by officers.

Daniel Reilly, defending, said Lane had the glass to cut the telephone wire when his parents called 999 and not to threaten them with it.

Sentencing, Recorder Robert Pawson said it was ‘dreadful behaviour’ and jailed him for three years and nine months for the attempted robbery and one month concurrent for criminal damage. Lane pleaded guilty to both.

The court heard Lane has 29 convictions for 62 offences. Mr Pawson handed Lane, of Wilmott Close, Gosport, a six-year restraining order banning him from going to his parents’ home and from contacting his father. He must pay a £900 courts charge.