Drunken Copnor teens call Cosham firefighters after mistaking the moon for a ‘big fire’

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DRUNKEN youths called the fire service after mistaking the moon for a blazing fire.

The bizarre callout came to fireifghters at Cosham fire station in the early hours of this morning.

Initially, it had been reported there was a fire in the open close to the Esso garage, in Copnor Road, Copnor.

However, when firefighters arrived shortly after 1.20am they were baffled to see no such blaze.

Crews spoke to the teens and soon realised the drunken youths had mistaken the moon for a fire in the distance.

The firefighters did see the funny side of things, making light of the strange situation on Twitter this morning.

The moon was mistaken for a fire by drunken youths in Copnor

The moon was mistaken for a fire by drunken youths in Copnor

The station tweeted: ‘Last night 23P7 was mobilised to fire in the open in Copnor.

‘Group of young people who called said they could see a fire in the distance, after a short investigation this was determined to be the moon which was low in the sky (time of call): 01:20. #GoingToNeedALongerLadder’

Richard Munday, crew manager at Cosham, added: ‘It was an odd one. Apparently the youths were pretty intoxicated.’

Elsewhere it was a quiet night for fire crews in the Portsmouth area, who were not called to any incidents.