DVLA clamp nearly 60 vehicles in crackdown

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NEARLY 60 cars have been clamped by the DVLA for not having tax.

Enforcement officers found 42 untaxed cars in Portsmouth on 21 and 22 November, and 14 in Wecock Farm on November 24.

A spokesman said: ‘As part of their day-to-day enforcement DVLA’s national wheel clamping partner, NSL, clamps or impounds any untaxed vehicles seen on the road.

‘DVLA operates a range of measures to make vehicle tax easy to pay and hard to avoid, including online vehicle taxing and direct debit.

‘We also continue to send reminder letters to vehicle keepers, which is why it is so important they notify DVLA of a change of address or keeper.

‘It is right that we take action against those who don’t tax their vehicles and then drive them otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to those who do the right thing.’

The DVLA warned anyone clamped has to pay a £100 fee or it will be impounded.