Empowering people to intervene to stop assaults

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DOOR supervisors are being trained to spot people vulnerable to sex attacks.

Sussex Police are looking at ways of cutting attacks by training people who could intervene in what could go on to be dangerous situations.

Chief Inspector Katy Woolford, who identified the issue as a risk in the night-time economy in Sussex, said: ‘After months of research and talking to partner agencies and people working within the night-time economy, we’re working on finding ways of encouraging people to intervene when someone appears to be vulnerable or at risk to predatory behaviour.

‘Door supervisors, taxi drivers, bar staff and groups of friends, or the wider passing public, can take steps to intervene or get help.

‘Although the majority of sexual assault is perpetrated by partners, ex-partners and acquaintances, our large towns have a vibrant night-time economy, and a relatively low average age.’

For information about sexual abuse go to survivorsnetwork.org.uk.