Emsworth alcoholic attacked boyfriend with a saucepan

ASSAULT Esther Hawthorne pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm
ASSAULT Esther Hawthorne pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm
Portsmouth Crown Court

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AN ALCOHOLIC attacked her boyfriend with a saucepan and used a scarf to try to strangle him, a court heard.

Esther Hawthorne set upon Mark Mawson while drunk – then called police to admit what she had done.

The 32-year-old stayed on the phone to a Hampshire Constabulary operator while police were sent to the home.

On arrival Hawthorne showed them the saucepan she had used as a weapon and said she had used the scarf to try to strangle Mr Mason at about 11.15am that day.

Matthew Lawson, prosecuting, said she told officers that her boyfriend was an alcoholic and that she was as well.

He said Hawthorne told police: ‘He’s slowly deteriorating with the alcohol. That’s why I tried to kill him.

‘I couldn’t cope with him suffering any more and tried to kill him. I put my scarf around his neck and was trying to strangle him. I whacked him with a saucepan.’

Police found Mr Mawson lying on the bed.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard how he was conscious and able to speak – but very drunk – so officers put him in the recovery position.

He was later taken to hospital where checks revealed he had suffered only minor abrasions to the front of his neck.

Mr Mawson’s injuries were not serious enough for a medic to be able to indicate how they were caused.

Mr Mawson – who met Hawthorne about two years earlier at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting – was admitted to hospital for treatment for alcohol withdrawal.

He initially said he was asleep when the attack started and woke up after being hit. But he later made another statement.

Matthew Lawson, prosecuting, said: ‘He said that they had been drinking that day and that on that day Miss Hawthorne had been sat with her head in her hands saying that she loved him and then had become abusive. He said she had then hit him with the saucepan.

‘He tried to grab it off her, they fought. She pulled the scarf round his neck in what he described as a “ninja move”.’

The court heard how her boyfriend ‘didn’t hold any malice towards her’.

Hawthorne, of Cold Harbour Farm Road, Emsworth, was arrested and initially charged with attempted murder following the attack on February 22.

The charge was later replaced with one count of actual bodily harm to which she pleaded guilty.

Judge Peter Henry released Hawthorne on conditional bail. She is due to reappear at Portsmouth Crown Court to be sentenced later this month.

Judge Henry said: ‘The fact that I am going to release you on bail doesn’t mean that this is the end of it. You must show some commitment in the next three weeks.’