Eviction and fine for noisy neighbour

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NOISE from computer games, a stereo and television led to a tenant being evicted from his home.

Sam Austin broke a noise abatement order served on him by Havant Borough Council eight times at his Victoria Road, Emsworth, home.

The order was originally made in December 2011 but it was disregarded by Austin, who consistently broke its conditions.

As complaints continued, the council applied for, and was granted, a warrant to enter the property and stop the continuing noise nuisance.

All noise-making equipment was seized from the flat and Austin was warned that he faced prosecution.

Despite this, complaints were still received of noise the following day.

The problems continued until he was eventually evicted by Guinness Hermitage housing association last week.

And this week he was taken to Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court in respect of the breaches and fined a total of £3,576.37.

n If you are having problems with noisy neighbours in Havant borough, go to havant.gov.uk/environmental-health/noise-pollution.