Ex-girlfriend’s horror at child abuse images

Lloyd Butler
Lloyd Butler
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THE former girlfriend of a man caught with child abuse images has told of the horrifying moment she discovered the sick pictures.

Emily Simmonds spoke to The News after Lloyd Butler was jailed.

Butler, known as Oz to his friends, pleaded guilty at Portsmouth Crown Court and was sentenced to jail by Judge Advocate Robert Hill.

Emily, 20, was with Butler for three years.

She said: ‘I feel shocked and disappointed.’

‘He used many methods to hide this sick habit from me.

‘I feel ashamed I was ever associated with him.

‘He was always such a sociable person and was always at parties or out clubbing with friends. I’m surprised at what he did.’

Butler’s crimes came to light when Emily was looking on her laptop for deleted photographs.

The computer was given to her by Butler before they broke up in October last year.

She said: ‘I asked my friend Joshua to run a recovery programme for me to get them back.

‘While it was running, all these files appeared with suggestive names..’

After some pictures appeared, Emily and Joshua decided to run a more extensive recovery to see if any more appeared.

They did and the next morning they phoned the police to tell them what they found.

Officers came to their flat, in Southsea, and seized the computer after taking statements.

Josh said: ‘At first, I didn’t believe it was real.

‘I tried to think it may have been unrelated but after recovering more files, the file names became much more suggestive. I knew I had discovered something a lot more sinister.’

Butler, 24, was arrested for downloading and distributing images of child abuse.

Officers found evidence of 24 films and 1,461 pictures.

Butler was jailed for three years and two months and has to register as a sex offender.

The court heard from prosecutor Daniel Sawyer that Butler, of North End Avenue, in Stamshaw, Portsmouth, admitted to viewing child abuse images from the age of nine.

Tim Sparks, defending, said the Butler spent many of his teenage years isolated and had mental problems.

‘That is where the trouble starts. He was so isolated he suffered from mental instability.

‘He does recognise, in part, the harm to the children in the images. He recognises that it is wrong and shows remorse.’

During sentencing, Judge Hill said: ‘You have had an addiction to child pornography for a long time indeed.

‘But you elevated your addiction by distributing the pictures and movies.

‘One of the hallmarks in this case is the nature of the pictures.

‘They are classified as the most serious.’

Butler also pleaded guilty to producing cannabis with intent to supply. He was sentenced to two months in prison to run concurrently.

‘I’m glad that justice has been served’

EMILY Simmonds has welcomed the jail term Butler received.

She said: ‘I am glad that justice has been served appropriately.

‘Whether he changes his character and his actions for the better is for him to decide in jail.

‘I was horrified to hear the disgusting details of Lloyd’s case and I never expected the level of abuse he shared and viewed, let alone the quantity.

‘The judge understood the implications, the severity, and consequences of Lloyd’s crimes, and I feel he judged fairly.

‘I am angry at him because it has caused me to have trust issues.

‘But I also feel sorry for him because he feels this is the only way he can have control over his life.’