Family left angry after thief takes Southsea clinic charity money

TAKEN Jean Lymath, left, and her sister Siobhan Kerley, who had charity money taken from their clinic in Southsea
TAKEN Jean Lymath, left, and her sister Siobhan Kerley, who had charity money taken from their clinic in Southsea
Cheltenham Road. Picture: Google Maps

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TWO sisters are ‘angry and hurt’ after someone stole money from their charity jar.

Jean Lymath and Siobhan Kerley, who work for Footprints Chiropody & Holistic, in Albert Road, Southsea, were upset when they found cash they had been collecting was taken.

Siobhan, who has helped her mum run the business for the past seven years, was doing the Great South Run next month.

To generate more sponsors, Siobhan, along with her sister Jean, decided to have a charity jar at Footprints so clients and visitors could make donations.

But the fundraising, for the Infertility Network UK, will have to start again now the jar has gone.

Jean, who joined the salon two years ago, said: ‘I couldn’t believe it.

‘We were all so angry and hurt when we found out because the money was going to a good cause and I can’t believe someone would even think about stealing from charity.’

Along with the £50, their tips jar, containing around £30, was also stolen.

Jean added: ‘We were upset about the tips because we work hard and our clients leave tips as a thank you.

‘But we were more annoyed about the charity money.

‘It really would have helped a lot of people and it is a charity close to our hearts as a family.’

Both jars were kept on a shelf behind the reception desk and Jean has her suspicions the thief was familiar with the clinic.

She said: ‘We feel like our sanctuary has been tainted.

‘It was a warm, welcoming, friendly place where clients could come and relax.

‘We thought the money was safe where it was as it wasn’t in reach of anyone unless you’re behind the desk.

‘But we think that it was someone who comes quite often so knows the clinic and knew about the jar or someone who came in to scope out the place.

‘It happened during the day so it could have been anyone who came in to ask about a treatment or things like that.

‘It’s not often that someone isn’t behind the desk but if one of us is with a client and the other needs to nip to the toilet or quickly grab something, then there’s no-one there to watch it.

‘But after the initial shock we are trying to keep positive.

‘We are thinking that whoever it is will get what’s coming to them as karma.’

The incident was reported to the police but the clinic does not have CCTV cameras and was open when the theft took place.

Jean added: ‘We know we’re not going to get the money back so I hope whoever did it feels terribly guilty about taking it.’