Family meet Czech police in search for missing Fareham dad

Police car. Pitcure: Jon Rigby

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The brother and cousins of a man who went missing on a stag do are meeting with police and an interpreter to step up the search.

(Video shows reporter Miles O’Leary explaining what has happened so far in the search for Mr Law)

Karl Law is missing

Karl Law is missing

UK police have set up the meeting to help find 34-year-old dad-of-one Karl Law who disappeared while in Prague at midnight on Saturday.

He was due to return home at 5pm on Sunday but no one has seen or heard from him and he missed his son Lenny’s third birthday on Monday.

His family have scoured the city putting posters on cars, bus and tube terminals and visited every hostel and hotel they come across looking for news.

His worried brother Craig, 30, has now been rejoined in the search by Lee Cross – whose stag do it was over the weekend.



Craig said: ‘The police in the UK are fully involved. They have arranged for us to have an interpreter at the police station here. I’m also in constant contact with the police back home. They are doing everything they can for us.

‘The search should be stepped up now.

‘My cousins Lee Cross and Lee Jeffries are here now and we’re putting up posters everywhere. We’ve been in every pub and hostel we’ve come across.’