Family of Ashya King under great stress, says expert

Glenn Mason
Glenn Mason
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A PSYCHOLOGIST has said the family of Ashya King are likely to be under a great amount of stress.

Glenn Mason’s comments come as a major investigation has begun to find the five-year-old Portsmouth boy who has been removed from hospital by his parents without consent.

Mr Mason, who works as a psychologist for the NHS and specialises in family issues, said: ‘It could have been a spur of the moment decision.

‘They have probably had a very difficult period of time and sometimes when you are under stress you can maybe not react logically or be quite irrational.

‘Possibly that is what has happened here.

‘They maybe wanted to take him to spend some time together as a family away from the stress and strain of the medical environment.

‘But we are only speculating here.

‘Potentially it could be the stress the family has been under with him being ill.

‘Maybe if they have seen this appeal, they might begin to reconsider the decision they made – or potentially it could reinforce their decision further.

‘They might think they are doing the right thing because they are spending time together as a family rather than being in hospital.’

Mr Mason said the massive police and media appeal could add to the stress the family have been through.

He added: ‘As human beings we are quite quick to judge decisions like this.

‘Rationally, decisions like this don’t make sense when you take a child away from hospital.

‘But we may not know the stress and strain the family have been under for several weeks probably.

‘As human beings we are naturally going to judge and think badly about this family – but we are not in their situation.

‘It’s difficult for us to know what the family is going through.’