Family of missing girl to march on Downing Street

CAMPAIGN Natasha Lee with a picture of her sister, Katrice
CAMPAIGN Natasha Lee with a picture of her sister, Katrice
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THE family of missing Katrice Lee will march to Downing Street on the anniversary of her disappearance later this month.

Katrice was two years old when she went missing from a supermarket in Germany, where her father was stationed with the British Army at the time, on her birthday on November 28, 1981.

As reported in The News yesterday, during a debate in the House of Commons on Thursday, the minister for defence personnel, welfare and veterans, Mark Francois MP, said the files into the original 1981 investigation could not be shown to the family.

But Mr Francois said he would meet with the family and the head of the Royal Military Police.

Katrice’s sister Natasha Lee, 38, of Gosport, along with her mother Sharon and father Richard will march from St James’s Park to Downing Street on Wednesday, November 28, wearing ‘Justice for Katrice Lee’ T-shirts.

They will be joined by friends and members of Mr Lee’s former regiment, the 15th/19th The King’s Royal Hussars.

Miss Lee says she hopes the march will lead to renewed coverage of the case and will generate new lines of enquiry in the search for Katrice, as she believes mistakes were made in the original investigation.

‘It’s to spread awareness about Katrice, make people aware that she is still missing, and for the same purpose my father went to the Commons yesterday, to release the case files from 1981,’ she said.

‘It’s all about raising awareness, releasing the case files and shaming David Cameron into meeting with us.

‘We want an answer, to find out where Katrice is and bring her home.

‘The one person who may know something might watch TV or read something in the paper and think it’s about time they came clean and said “I do know something”, or that one person who may have seen something on the day that Katrice went missing, but never really thought it meant much, but in actual fact it could be that one thing that’s missing.

‘I hope they come forward.’

And the coverage of the case will be further boosted with a new appeal about Katrice on the BBC show Crimewatch planned for Wednesday, November 21.

Caroline Dinenage, MP for Gosport, who spoke at the debate on Thursday, said she hoped the march would help raise awareness of the case. She wants the family’s questions answered.

‘The family have worked tirelessly to try and keep the spotlight on this to keep it fresh in everyone’s minds,’ she said.

‘It’s to keep it in the public eye but also to get the answers to the questions the Lee family so rightly need. In practical terms, I’m looking at what we can do to bring this investigation to a conclusion and also answer all those unanswered questions for the family.’