Family’s fresh hope after Crimewatch appeal

Katrice Lee
Katrice Lee
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A RENEWED appeal on BBC1’s Crimewatch has given a Gosport family hope that a breakthrough in discovering what happened to missing toddler Katrice Lee could finally happen.

Katrice was just two years old when she went missing on November 28, 1981, from a supermarket in Germany, where her father was stationed with the British Army at the time.

Tonight’s appeal featured images of how Katrice may look using age progression techniques.

Major Clive Robins, from the special investigations branch of the Royal Military Police, is heading the new investigation.

Katrice’s sister Natasha Lee, 38, of Gosport, said: ‘The part on Crimewatch was absolutely brilliant.

‘I hope the age progressions will help jog peoples’ memories.

‘I just want somebody to come forward, who may have seen her.

‘That’s the most important thing for us all.’

Natasha and mother Sharon, plan to march to Downing Street on the anniversary of her disappearance next week to continue their demand that files from the Royal Military Police’s initial investigation into the disappearance are released.

Following the Crimewatch appeal, investigators have received several calls from witnesses.

Major Clive Robins, from the Special investigations Branch of the Royal Military Police, said: ‘We have had some excellent calls from witnesses who we have not spoken to previously.

‘What we have not had is that crucial piece of information which will help us solve this tragic case.’