Family's hopes for son in a coma

FAMILY of a man in a coma have told of their hopes as they wait for him to come round.

Friday, 22nd April 2016, 6:00 am

Barney Butwell, 25, of Portsmouth, has been in a coma for around 20 days following an incident in Fratton that led to a woman being arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Now his dad Barry, 55, of Ophir Road, North End, has said medics have been reducing the medication Barney is on so he can wake.

Barry said: ‘We’re waiting for him to come round in the next couple of days.

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‘They’ve reduced the coma drug right down, we don’t know how he’s going to be. We don’t know anything until he opens his eyes.’

He added the family has received a lot of positive responses since The News revealed their heartache at seeing much-loved Barney in a coma at Southampton General Hospital.

n A 21-year-old woman was arrested on April 3 bailed after Barney was taken to hospital on April 2.