Fareham biker in one fingered salute at speed camera

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Police outside student accommodation in Stanhope Road, Portsmouth on Friday Picture Ben Fishwick

Man arrested in Portsmouth explosives probe at Stanhope Road student block is released by police

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A motorcyclist has been given five points on his license after being caught sticking his middle finger up at a speed camera.

Paul Collins, of Hillson Drive, Fareham, was given the points and a £117 fine for speeding along Maybray King Way in Southampton and a further £60 fine for driving otherwise in accordance with a license.

The 26-year-old was caught driving at 48mph along the 30mph zone on October 5, last year.

Southampton Magistrates Court heard how Collins believed he wouldn’t be caught because his bike had no front registration plate.

Collins, who pleaded guilty to the charge was later seen riding his JinLun Lexmoto125cc motorcycle through the area again and officers were able to match his vehicle to that on the image.

PC Mick Gear, Bikesafe coordinator for the Safer Roads Partnership, said: ‘When we visited him at home, the rider admitted the offence, telling us his mates told him he wouldn’t get caught.

‘I think this is a lesson to all irresponsible motorcyclists that we will seek to prosecute anyone caught speeding through these areas.

‘Collins did so knowingly and his arrogance was plain to see from the enforcement image.

‘I hope today’s sentence will encourage other riders to be more responsible.’