Fareham pair ‘kicked man’s head like a football’

TRIAL Brothers Michael Turnbull, left, and David Turnbull, outside Portsmouth Crown Court
TRIAL Brothers Michael Turnbull, left, and David Turnbull, outside Portsmouth Crown Court
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TWO brothers attacked a man outside a snooker club and repeatedly ‘kicked his head like a football’, a court has heard.

David and Michael Turnbull are accused of launching the unprovoked attack on Andrew Crawshaw outside the Stubbington Snooker Club.

Mr Crawshaw, a lorry driver known as Drew, suffered a broken cheekbone during the fracas, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

The 32-year-old told the jury one of the brothers had asked him for a cigarette before they attacked him.

‘The next thing I remember was I was got in a headlock,’ he said. ‘I was put in a headlock and dragged down the side of the snooker club towards the front.

‘I had no use of my arms to defend myself.

‘On my way to the front of the snooker club I was being assaulted to the side of the head.’

He then recalled being put into an ambulance following the alleged attack in Stubbington Green last October.

‘At that point I just remember not being able to get up because of the pain,’ he said.

The jury heard from Matthew Eales, who left the club with a friend at the time of the attack.

Mr Eales, who did not know any of the men involved, said: ‘As we drove round the corner from the car park Drew was on the floor in the middle of the road and we saw the two other guys kicking him in the head and the torso.

‘I saw three or four kicks from each of the other males.

‘They seemed quite hard, like somebody trying to kick a football hard.

‘After that I think he was unconscious lying on the floor.’

David Turnbull wept in the dock as he told how he was trying to stop a fight between his brother and Mr Crawshaw. ‘I did not hit him and I did not kick him,’ he said.

Plumber Michael Turnbull said he punched Mr Crawshaw but did not kick him.

David Turnbull, of Hayes Close, Fareham and Michael Turnbull, of Fair Isle Close, Fareham, both deny a charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Michael Turnbull has admitted a charge of causing grievous bodily harm, but his younger brother denies that as well. (Proceeding)