Fareham teenager wanted to kill ex-girlfriend

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A CRAZED teenager who threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and her partner has been sentenced to a prison term.

Mark Hayden, 19, of East Street, Fareham threatened to kill the pair when he was talking to a nurse at the QA Hospital, in Portsmouth, earlier this summer.

He made the jealous threats, including confessing to following the couple with a knife, while being assessed by two mental health nurses in the accident and emergency department.

The shocked nurses had phoned police, who subsequently arrested Hayden.

Hayden stood trial at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

He faced two charges of making threats to kill on Wednesday, June. 21.

Hayden denied the charges, with his defence saying that although he had made the threats, he had never intended to carry them out.

But district judge Anthony Calloway found Hayden guilty and sentenced him to 28 days in prison for two counts of making threats to kill, to run concurrently.

Hayden had already served 24 days in prison on remand and was allowed to walk free from court.