Fareham thief gets help for addiction

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A THIEF who was caught in possession of heroin has been ordered to get help for his drug addiction.

Colin Smith pleaded guilty to having the class A drug on him in Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth, on November 10.

He also admitted having a wrap of heroin on him in West Street, Fareham, on November 17.

Smith pleaded guilty to stealing a pair of gloves worth £14.95 from the Orange shop in Westbury Mall, Fareham, and a £1 pair of gloves in West Street, Fareham, on the same day.

The 25-year-old admitted committing the two thefts and having the wrap of heroin on him while subject to a six-month conditional discharge.

Smith, of Privett Road, Fareham, was ordered to undergo six months of drug rehabilitation treatment by Fareham magistrates.

He must also pay £25 in court costs.

An order was made for the drugs to be forfeited and destroyed under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.