‘Fatal four’ warning stickers are released

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THE ‘fatal four’ behaviours that cause the majority of deaths in road collisions will be highlighted.

The initiative focuses on inappropriate speed, driver distractions, such as drinking coffee at the wheel and chatting on a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt and drink or drug-driving.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue is now calling on businesses to add stickers to the back of each of the vehicles in their fleet and reminding drivers of the importance of leaving enough space between them and the vehicle in front.

Following too closely is the most common cause of collisions, costing businesses millions of pounds every year.

Portsmouth City Council fleets will be displaying the pictograms.

Steve Foye, head of community safety at Hampshire fire service, said: ‘Whether you work for yourself or an employer, you can do your part by getting these stickers on as many vehicles as possible.’

More information and the artwork are available online at hantsfire.gov.uk/fatalfour. The cost is around £2.75 per vehicle.