Father attacked on mobility scooter gets a new one free of charge thanks to Portsmouth firm

A FATHER attacked on his mobility scooter says he is overwhelmed after a company stepped in and gave him a new one free of charge.

Wednesday, 25th May 2016, 6:05 am
Nick Rundle with his old mobility scooter after it was attacked and broken by an 11-year-old boy. Picture: Allan Hutchings (160407-942)

Nick Rundle was riding to his home in Wecock Farm, Waterlooville, when a boy confronted him and attacked him before kicking in his scooter.

He sought the help of Lewis Mobility in London Road, Hilsea, Portsmouth, to see if staff could get it fixed.

But after nothing more could be done to get it working properly again, the firm decided to give him another one they had in stock for free.

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Speaking to The News, Mr Rundle, who has heart and muscle problems, said: ‘Lewis Mobility took the scooter which the boy had kicked and damaged to see if they could fix it. They took it away three times, but in the end the firm said they had one here, and you can have that for free.

‘I thought it was an absolutely fantastic thing to do.

‘It’s not often you get a company giving anyone something for free.’

David Bryson, an employee of Lewis Mobility, said: ‘On hearing about Mr Rundle’s misfortune, we were only too happy to provide him with a replacement machine.’

As reported, Mr Rundle said the same boy had assaulted his son earlier in the day by throwing a soft-drink can at him.

And since the attack he has been seeking to set up a community forum for parents with children who are bullied in a bid to tackle the issue.

But he’s concerned whether the idea will get off the ground as people fear there could be ‘repercussions’.

He says police have also stepped up their patrols in light of the incident.

Mr Rundle said: ‘It’s been very distressing and I still have trouble with the same children. My kids don’t go up to the skate park any more, they are not allowed because it causes too many problems.

‘The whole issue is still around. But everyone has been very supportive.

‘I’m looking to set up a community for aggrieved parents with children who are bullied. But people are scared of the repercussions.

‘In the area, there are a lot of elements, that are unsavoury.’

Mr Rundle added: ‘The police have been extremely helpful. They have been so supportive, and have visited the house 101 times to talk to us. They have upped their beats and have shown a lot more of a presence.’