Father of hit-and-run victim feared for son's life after collision in Fareham

THE FATHER of a 19-year-old man that was left in a critical condition following a hit-and-run has said that his family feared his son would never wake up.

Thursday, 28th July 2016, 9:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th July 2016, 11:09 pm
Mikey Ford in hospital

Mikey Ford was rushed to hospital with a serious head injury following the collision with a car on the northbound carriageway of the A32 on July 8.

He was placed into an induced coma for three days and has been in hospital ever since the crash which has given him temporary short-term memory loss.

Mikey, who lives in Fareham, is from a family of 12.

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Darren Ford, of Park Cottage Drive, 47 said: ‘It was very scary the first couple of days. We feared he would never wake up as he was in an induced coma.’

Mikey woke up a few days after the incident and according to his father, was unable to remember anything about what happened on the day and has struggled with memory loss since.

He added: ‘The first time he woke he was just saying ‘Where am I?” He was very unsure of everything, but he is talking now, though it causes a real strain on him.

‘He finds it a lot of work to make a sentence as it causes him pain.

‘Doctors have told us that it really is too early to tell how bad the damage to his head is.’

Mikey is a keen scooterer and skateboarder and it was feared that he would not able to scoot or skate again after struggling to move his left foot for more than two weeks following the accident.

However, the family was given a boost on Monday as Mikey finally managed to move the toes on the foot, allaying their fears that he could have permanent nerve damage.

Darren had been worried about the foot as he knew it had been playing on his son’s mind since the incident.

Mikey had only recently graduated from Fareham College just a few days before the incident occurred, where he had studied painting and decorating.

The teenager harbours ambitions to go on to become a decorator as a potential career.

His rather large family includes brothers Daniel, 25, Charlie, 25, Jake, 22, Jacob, 20, Sam, 17, Ethan, 9, Harry, 8 and his sisters, Tanya, 26, Lauren, 26, Alfie, 12 and Millie, 11.

Darren has been in to see Mikey everyday since the incident and says that he is ‘slowly on the mend and getting perkier.’

He added: ‘All we can hope for is the best and that he recovers quickly.’

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police said that a person has been questioned relating to the incident but no charges have been brought forward.