Film shows devastating effects of drink-driving

Winchester jail put in special measures

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A DOCUMENTARY on how drink driving can ruin your life has been released.

The short film is part of Hampshire Constabulary’s Christmas campaign, Operation Holly, aimed at reducing drink and drug-affected driving.

It focuses on a convicted driver, who was breathalysed after crashing her car into a central reservation.

In the video she speaks of how her crime led to the break-down of her relationship, the loss of her job and ultimately the loss of her home.

Roads Policing Unit PC, Mark Clarke, said: ‘We’d like to thank this lady for coming forward and sharing her experience. Her conviction has had a devastating impact on her life, and while it is very sad, it could have been so much worse – she could have lost her life.

‘There are no excuses for drink driving, but there are plenty against it.

Anyone who suspects someone of drink or drug driving text 80999 or call 999.

To see the video, search for Op Holly on video website