Fine after Havant man breaks neighbour’s front door

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MAGISTRATES fined a man after he admitted forcing his way into his neighbour’s home following a row.

Jason Vallis, of Eastoke Road, Hayling, got into a row with Dean O’Dell who accused the defendant of seeing his ex-partner.

Following the row Vallis, 38, went to Mr O’Dell’s home, opposite his own, and banged on the window. After being told to go away by Mr O’Dell’s parents he broke the front door and forced his way in and began remonstrating with the family who called the police.

Vallis’ solicitor Simon Moger told Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court, ‘Mr Vallis was rather unwittingly and mistakenly drawn into a domestic dispute which seems to be a misunderstanding.’

He said drink played a part in Vallis’ behaviour.

He was given a 12-month conditional discharge, and ordered to pay £100 compensation for the door and £185 costs.