Flat con artist dupes Portsmouth mum out of £460 deposit

CONNED Sue Hopcroft was taken in by a tenancy deposit. Picture: Allan Hutchings (122918-200)
CONNED Sue Hopcroft was taken in by a tenancy deposit. Picture: Allan Hutchings (122918-200)
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A VICTIM of a con artist who pretends to be a landlord has come forward to tell how she was duped of almost £500.

Sue Hopcroft, 50, lives with a friend in Kirpal Drive, Copnor.

She moved down from Hull earlier this year as her daughter Kathe, 18, needs treatment in London for a bleed on the brain.

Sue said: ‘I wanted to get my own place as quickly as I could and saw a one-bedroom flat advertised.’

It was the same property in Angerstein Road, Stamshaw, that Eden Britton and his girlfriend Casey Smith were shown, as previously reported in The News.

‘I was shown around the flat and told I couldn’t move in straight away because the boiler needed fitting and there was some decorating taking place,’ added Sue.

‘But he said there were a few people interested and I should put a deposit down.

‘So I gave £460 cash.

‘I signed a tenancy agreement and everything looked genuine.

‘The only thing I didn’t see was him holding a key.

‘Otherwise his T-shirt was covered in paint, as if he was decorating, and he gave an address for himself.’

After putting down the deposit, Sue tried to contact the rogue landlord to see when she could move in.

She said: ‘I called him on the mobile number he gave me, but it would go to voicemail.

‘And no-one answers at the address he gave for himself.

‘When I read this had happened to someone else I was so angry.

‘I want people to be aware of this scam.

‘I have no family in Portsmouth, so I’m forced to stay with good friends. My daughter is in London and I can’t believe someone would do this.’

PC Wayne Tommans-Porter, of Hampshire Constabulary is investigating.

He said: ‘Four people have been scammed. I’m working on closing the net.’