Flick Drummond quits as deputy police and crime commissioner 'by mutual consent'

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A POLITICIAN has quit her post as deputy Hampshire police and crime commissioner after just two months.

Flick Drummond, who was fellow Tory Michael Lane's deputy, said sometimes it is 'not possible to build a professional relationship between two people'.

Michael Lane and Flick Drummond

Michael Lane and Flick Drummond

The departure has been branded as ‘bizarre’ by Portsmouth South Labour MP Stephen Morgan.

In a statement issued by Mr Lane's office, Mrs Drummond said: 'I have very much enjoyed my time as the deputy police and crime commissioner and I thank Michael for the opportunity.

'Sometimes it is not possible to build a professional relationship between two people, through no fault of either party. In such a situation it is right I leave to avoid any disruption to the work of the PCC and his staff.

'I’m now looking forward to pursuing my ambition to be re-elected to parliament.

'I wish Michael all the best with the excellent work he is doing.'

The statement from the office added that the decision was made by 'mutual consent'.

Mrs Drummond, the former Portsmouth South MP, was on £64,000-a-year in the job, which she started in September.

In a written statement Mr Lane, who was elected to the post of crime commissioner, added: 'The relationship between a PCC and his deputy has to be close and, unfortunately, it has become apparent this could not happen in this case. Following talks, we have both come to the decision that this is the best course of action to take.

'I would like to express my sincere thanks to Flick for all she has done for me over the last two months and her willingness to consider this post, supporting and deputising for me.

'It seemed we had complementary skills that would have enabled the close rapport needed to work together and add value for the people we serve, to keep them safer.

‘This is a disappointment to us both.'

Mr Morgan has urged Mr Lane to use the cash freed up to boost policing in Portsmouth.

He said: ‘Mrs Drummond was only confirmed as deputy police and crime commissioner on October 6, and yet just 19 days later she’s quit. Portsmouth residents will find this most bizarre.

‘Tackling crime is so important to our great city. At a time when crime is increasing and police resources are being cut, I urge the Commissioner to prioritise Portsmouth. He must use Ms Drummond’s £64,000 salary to fight crime and provide much-needed uniformed presence on our city’s streets.’