Fly-tipper caught red-handed as he dumps rubble in Portsmouth street

Police speak to a suspected flytipper in Lime Grove
Police speak to a suspected flytipper in Lime Grove
A file photo of drug taking. Picture: PA/Paul Faith

Drug dealer jailed after hiding crack for five days at police station

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A SUSPECTED fly-tipper was caught red-handed as he dumped rubble on to a residential street.

Residents spotted the fly-tipper – who had removed his number plate from the front of his car before proceeding to empty the contents of his boot into a layby in Lime Grove, Paulsgrove, Portsmouth.

Graham Cranmer, 62, lives in Lime Grove and called the police, who arrived within minutes.

Mr Cranmer, who is the vice chairman of the Portsmouth Neighbourhood Watch Association, said: ‘I noticed something that was a bit suspicious going on in a layby across the road.

‘I took a couple of photographs. What raised my suspicion was the fact that before he started fly-tipping, he took the front number plate off at the front of his vehicle.

‘I noticed it first and took photographs from my bedroom window.

‘We have had some fly-tipping in the past.

‘This shows the Neighbourhood Watch working together.

‘This guy seemed quite oblivious to people watching him. Then the police turned up.’

Mr Cranmer said he hopes this incident acts as a deterrent for other people wishing to fly-tip.

‘This has always been a problem in the past. People see this is going on and they don’t act.

‘People think it’s a petty crime. But if you report it then sometimes things will be done straight away.

‘The whole Neighbourhood Watch scheme is trying to get people into the frame of mind where you see something, you speak and you report it.

‘The police were there within minutes. They responded straight away.’

As reported in The News, Portsmouth City Council has launched a fresh crackdown to tackle the problem after figures revealed there were 646 fly-tipping incidents in the city in 2012/13.

That number is up three per cent from 626 incidents reported the previous yea

CCTV cameras could be installed in hotspot areas to deter fly-tippers.

Alternatively cameras in use in other parts of the city could be rotated to different areas in a bid to catch people in the act.

The council is planing to target roads in which there have been more than 20 reports of fly-tipping in the past three year.

Councillor Donna Jones, city council leader, has also said it more bulky waste collection slots could be offered to residents.