Fly-tippers dump rubbish three-minute drive from the tip

A trailer dumped beside the link from Bedhampton Hill to the A27 ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (151020-8389)
A trailer dumped beside the link from Bedhampton Hill to the A27 ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (151020-8389)
  • Council officials in Havant said it looked as if the axel had broken on the trailer
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FLY-TIPPERS left a rubbish-filled trailer on a road – just a three-minute drive from the local tip.

The trailer full of building materials was left marooned by the roadside between the Rusty Cutter roundabout at Bedhampton and the Broadmarsh Industrial Estate.

Havant’s household waste recycling centre is less than a mile away at Broadmarsh.

It is not known who dumped the trailer and whether they were a resident or a tradesperson.

Any resident would have been able to dispose of the mess at Havant’s tip, as long as they had applied for a free permit in advance.

Tradespeople would have had to take the trailer to one of the commercial waste tips in the Portsmouth area.

Fly-tipping campaigner Jackie Forrest, from Cowplain, was disgusted by it.

She said: ‘It’s terrible. A lot of people fly-tip at night when they can’t be seen. Fly-tipping is just rife.

‘I don’t know what can be done about it.

‘It’s almost like it’s a way of life for some people.’

Highways England discovered the trailer and passed it on to Havant Borough Council.

Council officials said it appeared the trailer was full of residential waste and would have been accepted at the tip. But the axle had broken and the driver drove off without the trailer.

A spokeswoman said: ‘We were made aware of it. We dealt with it in the same way as we would an abandoned vehicle.

‘It got towed away by a company and destroyed.’

She said the removal would have cost taxpayers’ money, but she did not have the figure.

It costs the council about £23,000 a year to deal with illegal dumpers.

Twelve offenders have been punished in the past year.