Fly-tippers strike again at Eastney nature reserve

Fly-tipping at Fort Cumberland Nature Reserve, Eastney
Fly-tipping at Fort Cumberland Nature Reserve, Eastney
  • Dog-walker believes limiting vehicles along access road might be the only solution
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FLY-tippers struck under the cover of darkness and dumped a mountain of rubbish at a nature reserve.

A dog-walker was shocked to discover this huge pile of fly-tipped junk while walking at Fort Cumberland Nature Reserve, off Fort Cumberland Road, Eastney.

They believe the offenders had just dumped the mess that evening and drove up the access road to Eastney beach to unload a truck.

It is one of a number of incidents at the nature reserve, which supports more than 100 animal and plant species, including rare grasses, birds of prey, bats and foxes.

The dog-walker discovered the latest incident at about 8pm.

The 40-year-old man, who lives in Eastney and did not want to be named, said: ‘I was out walking the dog and it was very dark.

‘I was shining the torch as I normally do when I came across this massive pile of fly-tipping.

‘I know it had just been dumped as I had walked the dog at the same spot earlier that day.

‘There was a bed mattress, furniture, plastics, and all kinds of rubbish.

‘It made me feel sick to be honest. It seems to keep happening and people think they can get away with it.’

He added: ‘It’s just disregard for the environment. It makes me feel angry that some people don’t care. Bollarding off the access road to be only used for emergency services might be a way of tackling it.’

The fly-tipping has since been cleared up by Portsmouth City Council.

Councillor Luke Stubbs, deputy leader, said there was ‘no easy solution’ and it was important to find evidence to prosecute people.

He said bollards could be a possibility, but the council had to be mindful of fire engines having access to the derelict QinetiQ site. He added: ‘The problem is changing people’s behaviour and attitude to ensure there isn’t a fly-tipping problem.’