Football fanatics passion for collecting memorabilia takes a knock after con

Sweets fill stolen car

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FOOTBALL fanatic Jane Boddie has loved the sport since she was four.

But her passion for the game and collecting memorabilia has taken a knock after being tricked out of thousands.

The 60-year-old, of Portchester, spent £9,000 on items she bought from Steve Pearson, including a £650 Bobby Moore fake signed shirt she bought from him.

He even convinced her

to lend him £2,000 for his shop.

Retired Jane spent almost all the cash left to her by her parents Eric and Nancy Brodie when they died in 2007 and 2001.

Jane said: ‘The collection is part of my parents’ heritage because it was just something I love and something to spend the money on because it’s something I relate to.

‘I am angry about that as my dad worked for years.’

‘My friend who died of cancer left me a couple of thousands and that went on various things and they’re all fakes, I’m gutted for her as well.’

She added: ‘I’ve come to the stage now where I’ve not got the spare money, I can get the odd item but not the expensive ones like a Messi shirt I’d like.

‘At the moment I can’t afford to do it.

‘Now I’ve retired I can’t add too much more to my collection.’