Forensic evidence in attempted murder trial consistent with prosecutor’s case

Crystal Smith arriving at Portsmouth Crown Court
Crystal Smith arriving at Portsmouth Crown Court
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FORENSIC experts who examined blood at a crime scene say the evidence backs a husband’s claims that his wife stabbed him in the back.

The third day of the trial of Crystal Smith, who is in the dock for the attempted murder of her husband Simon Smith, a Royal Navy sailor, heard from a crime scene investigator and a forensic scientist.

You would see these patterns in an incident where a weapon has been used

Crime scene investigator Victoria Mardle

They were called to Gorselands Way in Gosport where Smith, 30, is accused of trying to kill her husband in the early hours of February 13. She is said to have fled the house, forcing him to call for help.

Giving evidence at Portsmouth Crown Court, crime scene investigator Victoria Mardle said: ‘In one of the bedrooms, there were spots of blood on the left-hand side of the door and blood on the carpet. Blood was also found on the walls and the ceiling.’

Ms Mardle added that the pattern was consistent with an item covered in blood moving through the air.

‘You would see these patterns in an incident where a weapon has been used,’ she said.

Ms Mardle also examined five knives which were found at the bottom of the stairs and near the front door.

This included the weapon which was used to stab Mr Smith which had blood along half of the 20cm blade.

During cross-examination, defence barrister Matthew Jewell asked if the blood patterns were consistent with any moving object being covered in blood, not necessarily a weapon, and Ms Mardle said they could be.

The court also heard a statement from a forensic scientist who examined the clothes that Smith, now of Methuen Road, Southsea, was wearing at the time.

Prosecutor Barnaby Shaw read the report to the jury. It concluded: ‘The knife had been used to stab Simon Smith. Crystal Smith was in contact with wet blood from Simon Smith. She was in close proximity and facing him when he was stabbed.

‘If the wound was on his back or back of his arm, then in my opinion it is possible he had his back to her when he was stabbed.’

Yesterday also heard from next-door neighbours Vanessa and Roy Bebington who attended the incident after hearing Mr Smith shouting.

Mrs Bebington was woken up by the shouting and the pair went to see what happened. Mr Bebington helped Mr Smith with his injuries until police arrived.