Former councillor bids to become county PCC

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A FORMER naval officer and councillor is vying to become the Conservative candidate for the police and crime commissioner election.

Michael Lane, of Lyndon Grove, Gosport, is one of two Tory members short-listed for a vote later this month.

If successful the retired Royal Navy commodore will stand as the party’s candidate in Hampshire next year.

Mr Lane said his background in the navy and Cabinet Office will help him understand the pressures facing the police.

‘Importantly it’s the kind of background of skills that make me understand the pressures of the police service and other emergency services but allows me to not to be confused into thinking I’m a police officer myself,’ he said.

He added: ‘This next term, 2016 onwards, is going to be really difficult and challenging for the finances and the degree of change necessary to deliver an effective policing service.’

The 61-year-old was a councillor between 2010 and 2014 at Gosport Borough Council. He was a coach on a leadership programme at the Metropolitan Police Service and served on the county’s Strategic Independent Advisory Group.

He faces Cllr Phil North of Test Valley Borough Council for the selection this month.