Former Portsmouth MP appointed Hampshire's deputy police and crime commissioner

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Former Portsmouth MP Flick Drummond has been made deputy police and crime commissioner for Hampshire.

Mrs Drummond is set to take up the near £64,000-a-year job when confirmed at a meeting next month, it was reported.

Flick Drummond. Picture: Ian Hargreaves

Flick Drummond. Picture: Ian Hargreaves

She said she was 'proud' to be made deputy by Michael Lane, a fellow Tory, and hoped her experience as MP could be put to 'excellent use', it was reported on BBC radio.

It is the first time a deputy has been appointed under Mr Lane, who was elected last year.

'I'm going to be supporting Michael throughout Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, it's a really exciting job,' Mrs Drummond said on radio.

The former MP added: 'I'm really going to be immersed in policing right around Hampshire.'

Michael Lane and Flick Drummond

Michael Lane and Flick Drummond

She will now represent the commissioner at meetings and take on campaigns.

Asked what she would do if an opportunity came up to stand as an MP, she said: 'Michael has said if that situation comes up he would let me go.

'I adored being an MP, that was my dream job, I would welcome the opportunity to do that again.'

But she said: 'I envisage that the next general election will be in 2022 so I'm really looking forward to this role.'

Speaking on radio this morning, Mr Lane said: 'I have been very careful to think about the appointment of a deputy for over a year.

'As I arrived people were very clear that I needed to be economic and efficient in what I was doing.'

Mr Lane said that people told him he needed to be 'in two places or more at the same time'.

He added: 'On a personal level I might just like the odd day off and someone who could cover for me.'

Mrs Drummond was Portsmouth South MP for two years until she lost her seat to Labour's Stephen Morgan.

Mr Morgan said protecting the police in the city from cuts must be the 'priority' for Mrs Drummond in her new post.

In a statement to The News, Mr Morgan said: 'I want the police to have the resources they need to tackle the growing challenges they face in our great city.

'We need more resources for bobbies on the beat to help them do the job they do day in, day out, to keep our communities safe.

'Central government must provide real-term protection for the police in our area. That’s what Portsmouth people deserve and this must be the priority for the police and crime commissioner and his new deputy.'

Mrs Drummond is set to be confirmed at the next Police and Crime Panel meeting on October 6.