Former sailor jailed for 24 years over murder of 71-year-old collector

Mark Ellson, 41, who has been convicted of murder at Northampton Crown Court.
Mark Ellson, 41, who has been convicted of murder at Northampton Crown Court.

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A FORMER Royal Navy sailor has been jailed for life after murdering a pensioner in his own home.

Mark Ellson, 41, formerly of Gosport, was convicted of the murder of Giuseppe Miceli in Northampton yesterday.

Ellson beat the 71-year-old around the head with a mallet, fracturing his skull.

The lead police officer in the investigation has now described Ellson as a ‘cold, calculating man’.

Detective Inspector Louise Hemingway said: ‘Mark Ellson is a dangerous individual who knew full well the potential consequences of his actions in July, when he went to steal from Joe 

‘This was an absolutely senseless killing of a vulnerable, elderly man in his own home.

‘Ellson acted in a cold and calculating manner and has shown no remorse for what he has done.

‘He sought to diminish his responsibility by attempting to blame Joe for causing the assault which killed him.

‘I hope he now has the opportunity to reflect on what he has done, accepts responsibility for his actions and shows some remorse for taking away a life in such a cruel manner.

‘I hope this brings some closure to the family and they can gain some comfort from the verdict today.’

The court previously heard Ellson admit to being responsible for the death of Mr Miceli, but he said he was guilty only of manslaughter, because he did not intend to kill or seriously injure him.

He said he had visited Mr Miceli’s home on a number of occasions because he wanted a watch valued. He said he later realised he did not have his passport in his possession and thought he must have dropped it at Mr Miceli’s house.

But he said the pensioner refused to return it to him, causing the two to row.

Judge Rupert Mayo sentenced Ellson to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 24 years.