Foster daughter stole thousands from dead mother

Madina Kamara-Aspin, of Stockheath Road, Leigh Park
Madina Kamara-Aspin, of Stockheath Road, Leigh Park
Andrew Corrigan

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A TRUSTED daughter plundered more than £30,000 from her dead foster mother’s bank account and cheated her elderly foster father out of cash.

Madina Kamara-Aspin spent the money she took from Margaret Aspin’s estate and from Eric Aspin while on a holiday to Florida in America.

He trusted her in this arrangement but we say that she began to take large sums of money from his account

Prosecutor Dawn Hyland

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the 34-year-old, of Stockheath Road, Havant, was acting as a carer for Mr Aspin, 78, and was allowed to take money for shopping and petrol but took more.

When suspicious family members confronted Kamara-Aspin when she arrived back from holiday the court heard she agreed for one to follow her but then drove off and was unreachable.

Prosecutor Dawn Hyland said the defendant was acting as a carer for her foster father after his wife died on February 18. Mr Aspin died on May 10 but his video evidence was played in court.

Ms Hyland added: ‘He trusted her in this arrangement but we say that she began to take large sums of money from his account which was not part of that arrangement that she did not have permission to do, and further to that, Mr Aspin himself was not aware.

‘In a period of five months she reduced his bank account by almost £14,000.

‘In her will Mrs Aspin had left everything to her husband Mr Aspin.’

Mrs Aspin had just over £33,473 in the account, Ms Hyland added.

She said: ‘Mr Aspin himself was the main executor but there was a term in the will that if he was unable or unwilling to act then the defendant would be the executor.

‘She appeared to have taken on this role herself in as much as she transferred the money from Mrs Aspin’s Lloyds Bank account into two separate Lloyds accounts that she opened herself.’

Ms Hyland said: ‘By the time of her arrest on August 13 she had already spent over £4,000 from Mrs Aspin’s account.’

She added: ‘We say that just because it hadn’t all been spent by the time of her arrest she had still stolen it. She had transferred it into her own account.’

Jurors heard a family member even found a form Kamara-Aspin had used to try and apply for power of attorney.

They unanimously reached guilty verdicts on two charges – fraud by abuse of position and theft.

In police interview Kamara-Aspin said her foster father allowed her to borrow money from his Barclays account and she had permission to use the money left by Mrs Aspin.

She only discovered her foster father had died at a preliminary hearing in court.

She is due to be sentenced at court next month.