Four-hour police stand-off ends with man being detained

Police in Peakfield Denmead during the standoff
Police in Peakfield Denmead during the standoff

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ARMED police closed off a quiet cul-de-sac in Denmead after reports of a vulnerable man barricading himself in a house.

Police were called to Peakfield at 9.40am yesterday.

Villagers were shocked as there were police cars and vans parked in the cul-de-sac, as well as several officers and an ambulance waiting at King George V Field.

It is understood a mental health team had turned up in the morning with police back-up when the stand-off began.

At the scene, Inspector Andy Tester, from Hampshire Constabulary, told The News: ‘Specialist units are here just as a precaution.

‘We are dealing with a vulnerable man – someone who is in a bad emotional state.

‘We are just trying to take care of him.

‘We’ve got enough people here so there is no danger to the public at all.’

An onlooker pushing a pram said: ‘It’s nothing like this normally. It’s quite shocking.

‘We just came from the park and cut through and it’s all shut off.

‘I know the chap who lives in there.

‘I’ve seen him jogging with a couple of dogs. He’s just your normal family man.

‘We don’t normally see things like this in Denmead.’

Another young woman said: ‘There’s a ton of police in the park.

‘I want to get out of here. It’s quite scary.’

Police officers waited outside the house throughout the morning.

There was no shouting or visible activity coming from inside the house.

At about 2pm, officers forced their way into the property and a 54-year-old man, from Denmead, was detained under the Mental Health Act.

He did not have any weapons on him.

He was not arrested for any offences and was taken to hospital.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire police said: ‘Police attended the address at around 9.40am yesterday due to concerns about a man inside the house.

‘There was no-one else inside the property and there was no risk to members of the public.

‘We were required to force entry to the house in order to detain the man safely.

‘A number of specialist officers were at the scene including members of the firearms team as a precaution and to facilitate a swift conclusion to the incident.’