Four hunted after robbers steal laptop in Gosport

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FOUR men are being sought by police after a laptop was stolen in a robbery in Gosport.

Descriptions are being issued of four suspects.

A 31-year-old man went to a BT building on the corner of Bury Road and Stoke Road between 11.45am and 12pm last Saturday.

As the man walked out of the entrance of a yard, he was threatened by four youths, who demanded a laptop computer he was carrying.

All four youths left after he handed over the laptop; a Panasonic SF 29 Toughbook, which had BT Openreach on the casing.

All suspects have been described as white, aged between 16 and 19, around 5ft 7in to 5ft 8ins tall and of a slim build.

The first man had dark hair, quite long with the front swept to the side and the back of his hair a bit spiked up.

He was wearing a full-zip hooded top, which had a dark blue hood with light grey lining. The body of the top was mostly dark blue with a splash of yellow across the front, not in a particular pattern. He was also wearing dark plain blue tracksuit bottoms, darker than the blue of his top.

The second man had dark brown spiked hair. He was wearing a full zip plain black hoodie with dark blue jeans.

The third suspect was wearing a full zip fairly light grey hooded top and darker coloured tracksuit bottoms.

The fourth suspect was wearing a full zip hooded top, which was a dark navy blue.

Call CID at Fareham Police Station on 101.