‘Fraud is not tolerated’ - Portsmouth City Council parking boss

TOUGH LINE Ken Ellcome
TOUGH LINE Ken Ellcome
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THE four police staff hauled into court after using permits not intended for them should have known better, a senior city councillor has said.

Police workers Selena Willis, Ann Todd, Lorraine Whyte and Marie Miller have been fined thousands of pounds over a ‘deplorable’ parking permit fraud. Marianne Pyfrom also appeared in Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court for her involvement in the fraud, and was fined.

Speaking after the court hearing Cllr Ken Ellcome, cabinet member for parking at Portsmouth City Council, said: ‘The scheme is there to assist residents and their genuine visitors.

‘It’s not there to be used by businesses and police staff who should certainly know better.

‘As an ex-policeman, police should be above reproach.

‘They might not have the same understanding as a police officer would but working in the criminal justice system they should know what they are doing is not what the scheme is for.’

Parking operations manager Michael Robinson said the sentence acts as a deterrent.

He said: ‘We’re satisfied with the sentence passed.

‘It sends a strong message out – that fraud will not be tolerated.’

In court, the four’s defence solicitor Adrian Dodd told the judge parking is a nightmare.

But Cllr Ellcome hit back, adding: ‘We provide alternatives such as the park and ride.

‘For £3 a day they could have got in the one car and they wouldn’t need to buy a scratchcard at all.’