Fraud police refuse to investigate why woman with no licence has nine car insurances in her name

Hayley Barnett
Hayley Barnett
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A VICTIM of fraud has hit out at police after nine car insurance policies have been taken out in her name – despite her having no car or licence.

Hayley Barnett, 45, was left upset after receiving letters warning of court action if she failed to pay premiums.

I’m trying to explain to them I don’t drive, why would I insure nine cars?

Hayley Barnett

But her shock has turned to anger after Action Fraud has said it has not found any ‘leads that would result in a successful criminal investigation’ – even with policy letters listing insured drivers and vehicle registrations.

Hayley, of South Down View, Hilsea, fears cars are being used by gangs.

Speaking to The News, she said: ‘I’m not happy that they are not taking it any further.

‘It does worry me how easy someone has gained access to all my details, but there is nothing that I can do about it.

‘It makes me wonder why we have a police force. Surely they can check the car number plates and see who last owned them?

‘If this is happening to me, how many other people are going through the same or similar things? I can’t see how the police can just dismiss it.’

The mother-of-one was stunned when she got insurance letters demanding cash.

‘I found out because I got a letter from one of the insurances companies saying “you decided to set up a direct debit”.

‘When I queried it with my bank, there were three set up.

‘On two letters with two different cars it stated the car registration and it had my name, number, date of birth and bank details and address.

‘Up until then I didn’t know anything about it.

‘I’ve got arrears with some of them. I’m trying to explain to them I don’t drive, why would I insure nine cars?’

Insurers used include Marks and Spencer, RAC, Axa, Be Wiser and Ageas.

Hayley has been able to cancel most of the policies, which were taken out towards the end of December last year.

She has not lost any cash as she has told her bank not to accept any direct debits, but the policies were worth around £1,170.

Action Fraud said it will not refer the case to Hampshire police to investigate, but will not close the report. It said the report would be ‘reviewed’ against future reports and intelligence and officers will contact Hayley if they find ‘investigative opportunity’.

Report of fraud are ‘assessed’

THE fraud hub Action Fraud has said not every report can be investigated.

The organisation, based with City of London Police, acts a national reporting hub.

A spokesman said that insurance company fraud departments would look into Hayley Barnett’s case and pass information to police when they do so.

Each case, he said, is looked at in terms of harm caused to the victim, and this can include the amount lost.

In a statement to The News, the spokesman added: ‘Action Fraud can confirm that it received a report that has been assessed by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau at the City of London Police, which found there were insufficient lines of enquiry for an investigation based in the UK.

‘The international nature of fraud poses difficulties in tracing payments and suspects.

‘With 250,000 crimes reported to Action Fraud a year, not all cases can be passed for further investigation and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau do prioritise cases with viable lines of enquiry.’