Fraudster is spared prison sentence

CON Callum Finnegan
CON Callum Finnegan
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A MEMBER of the Lord Mayor’s fundraising committee found guilty of cheating people out of money has been spared jail.

Callum Finnegan, 26, ripped off couples who thought they were paying him deposits for homes while working as a freelance tenant finder for letting agents.

He told two couples if they paid a deposit the property would be theirs. But he had no authority to decide who got the property and when the time came for them to move in Finnegan ignored their calls.

While Finnegan was awaiting trial he volunteered on the body that raises money for the Portsmouth Lord Mayor’s appeal.

There is no suggestion he conducted improper dealings while on the fundraising committee.

Finnegan, of Sutherland Road, Southsea, was found guilty of two counts of fraud dating back to 2009 following a trial at Portsmouth Crown Court.

He was convicted of a separate charge of assault by beating.

Finnegan was sentenced to 40 weeks in jail suspended for two years and put under supervision for 18 months. He must attend a thinking skills programme.