French woman speaks of her heartache over Paris terrorist attack

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FRENCH people living in the UK have spoken of their devastation at the horror of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Claire Peron, 35, knows people who were killed in a restaurant in the French capital last night.

Her partner’s relatives live in Paris but were visiting family in Barcelona at the time of the attacks.

Ms Peron, who lives in London and regularly visits Portsmouth, told The News: ‘We heard about it yesterday evening as it was happening.

‘We stayed in front of the television until 12.30am and the number of people who had been killed was going up every 20 minutes.

‘We were completely gobsmacked.

‘We were very sad and just gutted that it was actually happening.

‘You don’t expect it but then again terrorism can happen anywhere in the world.

‘Some of our friends know people who were in the restaurant and they both died.’

She added: ‘We are not there because we are living in the UK now, but it’s so real for us.

‘Personally I feel really useless watching it happen.

‘There’s nothing we can do from where we are, apart from send messages on social media.’

The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth will be lit up red, white and blue to represent the French Tricolore tomorrow and Monday night as a mark of respect to those who have died in the atrocities.