Friends convicted after night out at Havant pub ends in brawl

Hampshire police and crime commissioner Michael Lane. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A GROUP of friends on a night out got in to a brawl with police and bouncers after they refused to leave a pub.

Jamie Fowler, David Pitcher, Arry Morgan and Matthew Ford were part of the scuffle at the Six Bells pub, in Havant. Pitcher’s dad, David Harries, 43, was also involved.

Prosecutor Angela England told Portsmouth Crown Court: ‘They were all out together. The end of the evening did not go to plan.’

She said Ford got into a row with another group on the dancefloor so the bouncers decided to throw him and his friends out.

‘What then follows can only be described as a scuffle,’ she said.

The court heard glasses were smashed and tables were knocked over as the friends struggled with the security staff.

When the police arrived, Ford, 22, assaulted one of the officers.

Fowler, of Billy Lawn Avenue, Havant, Pitcher, of Jubilee Road, Waterlooville, and Morgan, of Tarrant Gardens, Havant, all pleaded guilty to a public order offence following the scuffle in January last year.

A more serious charge of affray was dropped.

Roderick James, defending Pitcher, said: ‘They didn’t go out looking for trouble.’

Sentencing them Judge Roger Hetherington said: ‘Each of you got involved in a disgraceful incident in a public house in Havant.

‘When some altercation developed on the dancefloor and when the door staff and later the police sought to intervene to have you leave the premises you resisted that and in one way or another got involved in violence or threats that then ensued.

‘When you’re told to leave by door staff you get out and they didn’t do that, they did the opposite.’

Fowler will have to wear an electronic tag and stay in between 9pm and 5am for four months.

Pitcher, an office fitter, was given a three-month curfew and Morgan, a labourer, was given a 12-month conditional discharge.

All three were told to pay £300 in costs.

Harries, of Langbrook Close, Havant, agreed to be bound over, which means he must not swear at a police officer for 12 months or he will have to pay £250.

Ford, of Ashlett Lawn, Warren Park, admitted assaulting a police officer and was released on bail to be sentenced at a later date.