Gang who raided house in Gosport jailed for a total of 35 years

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A GANG who carried out a botched raid have been jailed for 35 years.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the five-strong gang were involved in a conspiracy to rob Wayne Hughes in Gosport.

Tyrone Smith, 33, of Millers Pond Gardens, Southampton, Nathan Brown, 26, of Landguard Road, Southampton were among four men, two not in the dock, who burst into the address in St Vincent Road, Gosport.

Stewart Broughton, 50, of Ann’s Hill Road, Gosport, and Jessica Jenkins, 37, of Potters Avenue, Fareham, were getaway drivers after the raid last March 31 last year.

Judge Sarah Munro QC said Wayne Dujon, 33, of Ransome Close, Fareham, was the gang’s organiser.

He was jailed for 12 years, Smith for seven years, Brown for eight years and Broughton for four years and Jenkins for four years.

Prosecutor Nicholas Tucker previously told the court victim Wayne Hughes had answered the door at his home in St Vincent Road, Gosport, before he was set upon.

The gang believed he had £50,000 cash but he did not.

Speaking at an earlier hearing Mr Tucker said: ‘He was in the kitchen, his sons were upstairs in their bedroom, there came a knock at the front door.

‘He was confronted by a man who he didn’t recognise who asked if Steve was there.

‘Mr Hughes told him he had the wrong address.

‘He was quickly joined by first one person then two more. All but the first wore balaclavas. Hughes was shouting at them to leave.

‘The men pushed at the front door with such force it lifted off the hinges.’

The victim was forced to use the door as a shield as he was punched, the court heard.

Mr Tucker added: ‘They began to punch him repeatedly to the head, face and body, one seemed to be holding a weapon and he hit Mr Hughes on the head. He tried to defend himself.’

Mr Hughes’ two young sons appeared at the top of the stairs and the men briefly stopped, allowing the victim to throw a punch in the incident

Jenkins also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving after evading police in a car chase through Gosport to Segensworth, and two counts of possessing a class B drug, cannabis and amphetamine, with intent to supply and conspiracy to steal.

Dujon also pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis a class B drug.

Both Dujon and Jenkins were guilty of conspiracy to steal where they organised thefts from cannabis factories in Southampton.

The court heard one cannabis factory had between £50,000 and £75,000 of the drug.

Text messages between Dujon and Jenkins made reference to 9oz bars.

Frank Abbott, defending Dujon, said: ‘It’s an absolutely incompetent robbery, it’s obviously gone wrong in a considerable way and all the defendants are trying to very quickly distances themselves from it.’

In relation to the conspiracy to steal, Mr Abbott added: ‘At the same time this is an offence of course in a community of offending which is slightly different when it affects ordinary members of the public.’

Leo Seeling, defending dad-of-three Smith, said: ‘If there is a hierarchy, he must be far down in it.

‘There’s no evidence he landed any blows.’

Daniel Reilly, defending Broughton, added: ‘The evidence would have been entirely consistent with him not being aware of the full extent of the detail that others may have had.’

He added Broughton had stopped offending after his leg was amputated in September 2012.

Mr Florida-Jones, defending Brown, added: ‘The evidence is quite clear Brown was a late recruit to the enterprise.’

Dujon also admitted perverting the course of justice after a series of letters were found in prison.

The court heard the letters were giving directions to gang members what to say and told others to try and plant texts on victim Wayne Hughes’ phone.